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Keep your own images safe

Vaultinite is an online, cloud-based storage platform created specifically for our clients. Other asset managers may give their clients a CD, USB, or Zip file to store on a computer – but, what happens when that documentation is destroyed or lost? Here at PDS, we give each of our clients a secured, encrypted online account to store their documentation, along with peace of mind knowing their information is safe and secured.

With Vaultinite, clients can easily store, print and send documentation from their secured Vaultinite account. Our dynamic portal allows you to add or remove items as you wish. In times of need, you have full control to send proper documentation to police, insurers, or dedicated personnel in the case of a home break-in, or loss of estate from natural disaster.

We fully understand that in the event of loss, clients may not have access or ability to send documentation on their own. When necessary our team will personally send documentation for our clients free of charge.

See our website and go to the Vaultinite link to see how you can store your own photos and documentation with us for just $125.00 per year. Compare that with other services that start at $90.00 per month.

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