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What about your assets?

Have you ever tried to make a list and take hundreds of photos of all your assets?

It’s not a great way to spend your leisure time. Try to make a list after a loss! It is stressful, daunting and exhausting under those circumstances. And what about the photos? You can’t do it after the fact. This is where we can help you.

We will go room by room and complete a photo survey of each of your assets and organize them into files containing pictures, and descriptions of each item. We can also include any receipts you may have. When we are through, you will have a complete and comprehensive list at your disposal.

We will store your organized files for property onto Vaultinite. This is our cloud based, encrypted storage portal, which allows you 24/7 access to your inventory list. You can make changes whenever you want. The inventory can be kept up to date with ease. No need to worry about hackers finding out where your assets are. We DO NOT put any personal information into this secured portal.

You can then forward your list and photos to your adjuster, the police, your attorney, your financial planner or your insurance company as needed, all at your discretion.

Our services can be of value to you because you spend money to buy insurance that suggests that if we have a loss, the insurance company will reimburse you for that loss. This is true, if you the policy holder, can provide a list and photos of the lost or impacted items. If you have these documented ahead of time, this will help streamline the process.

Naturally, we would like to help you before a disaster and not after. Lets get your inventory underway today!