Drone Photography Service in Massachusetts

The latest (here to stay) real estate and business trend is drone photography. Photo Documentation Services employs a team of licensed and insured, FAA certified drone pilots and photographers. With the use of drone photo and video, your home, property or business can be documented in a unique view from above. We will capture video and photo documentation, from a bird’s eye view of your home, to the entirety of your property line.

Drone photography for real estate professionals:

Drone photography is today’s most professional real estate sales approach. It cannot only show a house, but also the yard, neighborhood and community. Our high-resolution images are ideal for both a website and print media.

Drone for business owners: 

Aerial photography is a boon for business owners. For example, if you have a large warehouse and need an overview of the entire complex, this is the answer.

How Property Managers can use it: 

Using drones is a great way to document your properties’ value – including solar panels, customized roofing, pools, acreage, and much more.

We are located in Sutton, MA and serve all Massachusetts and beyond.