Home Inventory Documentation

Whether it be an insurance claim from natural disaster, a police report following a home break-in, or settling an estate – proper documentation of your assets is imperative to reclaiming what was, and remains rightfully yours. With photo documentation, your home (or business) assets can be recorded in a descriptive, itemized list complete with visuals of each item.

Often when it comes to a home inventory, homeowners grab their phone cameras, take a few snap shots of grandma’s silver or that stamp collection and consider that a job well done. That’s a good start, but to truly have a record of your assets (both for insurance and other reasons), you should hire a professional.

Why? Because a professional may recognize the value of your possessions more than you do. That painting on the wall that you never look at? Our experts have been trained to identify value and quality and know what should be included on an insurance company inventory.

Home Inventory for Insurance

A home inventory is important for more then just insurance reasons. Preparing your Will and want to be sure that your niece gets a favorite item? Have photos taken so they’ll be no disagreement later. Moving? Get photos of your treasures lest they be damaged. Renting your home? Yes- you definitely want “before” photos!

In teams of two, our trained professionals will work with each client to meet their specific needs of documentation, photographing a general panoramic photographic of each room, followed by itemized photography of the items in which each client sees fit for documentation. Utmost respect and attention to every detail is paid to each of our clients and the contents of their property.

Business Inventory

Business Owners can also benefit from photo documentation for insurance purposes (from valuable equipment to technology to office artwork).

Photo Documentation Services is recognized for its highly competitive pricing. For example, our home inventory can be as low as $375.